New York! New York?

Is it true that when you made it to New York, you can make it everywhere?

This is one of my high school treasured memory. It was May when we went to New York City. I was very excited! It was not my first time in NYC but it is the best trip ever since I was with my friends.

Central Park with high school friends

When I think about New York City, one thing comes in mind: Sex and the City. I know this is weird, but I love Sex and the City, I mean… Who doesn’t?  I’ve been always dreaming of finding my Mr. Big and going to shopping trips as extravagant as Carrie’s galore. My dream is one day move to NYC and build my own fashion empire. If not, then I’ll settle for being a creative director for a big fashion house!

View from Top of the Rock

During this visit, everything was great! I had a shopping spree and I experienced how to be Carrie, minus the sex part. I did try the street food and it was delicious!

I was having my dramatic moment on a boat


New York City is a city of dreams. Some are shattered, some are freshly made. I came here with the intention of savouring the last few months I have with my high school friends, and it ended up to be the best time of my life. Also, I ended up making my own dream.


École Secondaire LaVoie 2015



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