Dior Haute Couture

Ever since I was a child, I love gowns and dresses. I think this influence came from my mother. Her wedding gown is a pink Dior haute couture that she still have today. Looking at it now, it still has the perfectness of it. During the wedding of my aunt, my mother showed up wearing a pink Dior haute couture gown and this started my love affair with haute couture. Haute couture is currently being shadowed over of fast fashion but my love for it will never fade.

Haute couture is made by hand from the beginning to end and it takes a very long time to make one piece compared to ready-to-wear collection. The materials used for these clothes are the best and only the best. Embroidery is all handmade with precision and attention to great detail.

This post is dedicated to my favourite collection of haute couture, which is the Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2011. For me, this is the best collection John Galliano did for Dior.

From SQUA.RE (http://squa.re/2011/01/31/squa-re-guide-haute-couture-springsummer-2011-collections/)

Galliano plays mostly with the colour red and giving it many shades by overlaying black tulle to create the illusion of shadow. It is one of the best and most fabulous work he has ever done. The “Passage 5” or the picture in the middle is my favourite piece from this collection because of the craftsmanship dedicated to an extravagant dress. Here is a video on the making of “Passage 5”

Have I said that this is my favourite collection of all time so far? Sadly, this is the last haute couture collection of John Galliano for Christian Dior but he surely made a remarkable ending with this show. If you want to see the whole collection, here is the video of the fashion show.



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