L’Entrepôt Mont-Royal

This is the first food related blog in this page. About 2 days ago, January 6, 2016, me and 3 other friends went to an adventure around the city. We ended up going to one of the cheapest yet the most tasteful restaurant/bar in Montreal. It is called L’Entrepôt Mont-Royal.

Located on the most photogenic borough in the city, the Plateau Mont-Royal or just Plateau is appealing both to the tourist and the local citizens. The exact address of the resto-bar is 1019 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est. You can get there by Bus or by metro and get off Mont-Royal station.

The food is great! I ordred the “LE SUISSE AUX CHAMPIGNONS.” Basically a burger with mushroom and swiss cheese. It comes with a side dish and I got the potato soup AND IT WAS AMAZING!

One of my friends, took the grilled cheese and it was the best grilled cheese ever. It comes with side dish as well and she took it with fries. The fries were so fresh.

My two other friends took the Mac N’ Cheese. With an extra, they took it with additional bacon bits. So cheesy and delicious! With the kick of a little hotness.

The food was one of the best food I ever tasted. The great part about this is that everything on the menu is only $4.95 dollars!

I highly recommend this resto-bar. I rate this 4.5 out of 5 chicken wings because the potato soup is delicious!


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