img_4341Well another week, another restaurant. I don’t know if this blog will be all about food but so far it is!

Yesterday, some of my friends and I went to this inexpensive, yet extravagant restaurant. Cinko is located near a university called UQAM. People are nice and the food was great. Everything is $5 but you can have variations. You can bump up your order with $7 meal or $9 meal. The base is $5 and you are good to go!

The fastest way to get here is to take the Metro (subway) and get down at the Berri-UQAM station then walk towards Saint-Denis street.

Here is the link to their menu: sadly the menu is in french but you can ask for an English menu


Beef, cheddar cheese, bacon and ketchup with additional bacon, beets, onion ring and red cabbage


Beef, fried shrimp, ketchup, and lemon mayonnaise

Mac n’ Cheese


Eggplant, tomato, and caramelized red onion

The food is great and the staff too. Enjoy!


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