Hedi Bids Farewell to Saint Laurent

Break ups are hard even in the fashion industry. 2015 was a rough year, with Alexander Wang leaving Balenciaga, Alber Elbaz parting ways with Lanvin (shocking), and Raf Simons’s exit from Dior. At around 3 in the morning, while I was doing an essay for my Post-Classical History class, I took a mini break and scroll on Twitter. Vogue appeared on my timeline with an article by Sarah Mower. The title declares: “Hedi Slimane Leaves Saint Laurent”. Thinking that this is an April fool’s joke, I shake this off my head but then later on, I realized that Kering, the company that owns Saint Laurent, has released a statement saying that the ties between Saint Laurent and Hedi Slimane had been cut off. Reasons behind this? Probably his own personal interest.

What will happen to Hedi now? Speculations say that Hedi will be heading to Chanel, maybe even working or training side by side with Karl Lagerfeld. Let’s face it, Karl even made the effort to lose weight just to fit on Hedi’s suits for Dior Homme. But then again we know that Lagerfeld will not let this to happen. Remember Ackermann? Exactly!

And what about Saint Laurent? Speculations say that Anthony Vaccarello, known for his sexy silhouettes and his capsule collection  for Versus, will be replacing Hedi Slimane.

What if Raf Simons goes to Saint Laurent? This idea can’t go away. Saint Laurent announced their come back to Haute Couture, and Raf Simons has proven himself credible to head a legendary Couture house. This actually seems to be a perfect combination. So why not?

I will be leaving you guys with these pictures of the most iconic looks by Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent (my views).

Saint Laurent Spring-Summer 2013

Saint Laurent Fall-Winter 2015-2016

Saint Laurent Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2016-2017


These are my Classic Paris leather ankle boots. I don’t remember the actual name because I threw out the box long time ago.


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