Fashion-forward and affordable clothing, WTFash?!

Have you ever dreamt of a place where you can find fashion-forward clothing and unique brands all at affordable prices? Well, you can stop dreaming now because it has happened! Located in in the centre of one of the trendiest streets in Montreal, WTFash opened its doors at the end of August.


Photo by John Carlo Malate

The headquarter, which is a store and at the same time their studio and office, is on 2080 Crescent and is completely built from the ground up. “We bought pipes from Home Depot and assemble them ourselves to create all the racks. We also built the tables ourselves and made it look vintage by beating it up” says Cali Rengel, an employee at WTFash. It’s hard to not notice the ambience and the simplicity of the store, and because of this, it pretty much gives the focus to the sublime clothes and unique accessories.



Cali Rengel (left) and Eugenia Tancredi (right). Photo by John Carlo Malate

WTFash started as an online store in the late winter 2016, but because of the success, the team decided to open a conceptual store. The founder, Eugenia Tancredi, recently graduated from Parsons School of Design. Tancredi’s vision is to bring out a store where every woman can feel comfortable and confident in what they are wearing. “Sometimes we have some clients who really love what they see but are afraid to try new things,” Rengel said. “We encourage them to try the items on and then decided whether it is for them or not, and most of the time they come out of the store with their smile all the way to their ears.”



Racks made by hand by the people of WTFash. Photo by John Carlo Malate

Since they are mostly targeting the teenagers of today, the store offers edgy and trendy staple pieces for a wonderful price. Once you see the price, you will surely say WTFash because of how affordable the items are! Ideal for students on a budget. Even though their prices are obtainable, the store also offers a year round sale section, where all the pieces are automatically 40% off from the original price. Rengel pulled a vegan suede jumpsuit off the rack. At $80, the piece is already reasonably priced, but with the 40% off, it ends up at $48, which is completely insane!



WTFash is located in 2080 Crescent, near Guy-Concordia station or Peel station. Photo by John Carlo Malate

WTFash carries multiple brands from the different area of the spectrum. Cotton Candy L.A., Cheap Monday, Olivaceous, and Renamed are just some of the vast choices of brands they offer. International brands are being exposed here too! A New York-based Venezuelan designer, Leonor Silva, is being featured exclusively in WTFash. Some clothing is made by the people in the company as well. Rengel showed a t-shirt that had been found in a thrift shop and revived into a unique piece of clothing. WTFash is also releasing a line of affordable and high-quality fur vest, just in time for the cold season.



Vintage Gucci bag and Diane Von Furstenberg bag. Photo by John Carlo Malate

Have you ever wanted to own a designer piece but with a student budget, it seems impossible? WTFash also offers a Vintage Corner where you can find pre-loved designer items for less! From Diane Von Furstenberg to Gucci to Rag and Bone, just to name a few, they have them! A vintage crocodile Gucci bag from the 70s is currently for sale. This bag can fetch up to thousands of dollars in the current resale market but WTFash is selling it for $299. What a deal!


WTFash goal is to connect with more Montreal-based company to promote and support the booming fashion economy of Montreal. They had connected with an Instagram seller under the name @youbykay, a teenage entrepreneur who makes unique and avant-garde handmade chokers.


Affordable and trendy clothes. Photo by John Carlo Malate

The store is open on Monday to Wednesday from 11 AM to 6 PM, Thursday to Saturday from 11 AM to 9 PM, and Sunday from 12 PM to 6PM. The relaunch of the online store of WTFash is scheduled to be by the end of this week. So for those who are busy and seems to have difficulty to find time to come down and explore the store, you can now shop from the comfort of your own home. Oh! Did I mention they ship internationally?


Connect with WTFash by:

– Instagram: (

– Twitter: @WTFash_Inc (

– Facebook: WTFash (

– Website (soon to be up and running):



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